Why use Tenant Advisors?
The scope of work involving planning an upcoming real estate requirement is complicated and if not completed correctly, can have negative effects on your business. As your Advisors we will provide your organization with the tools, strategy, market intelligence and confidence to make an informed decision, allowing you the time to focus on running your day to day business.

How will you save me money?
By creating a customized negotiation strategy early, we create real competition for your tenancy. Let's face it, real estate is a big cost to your business but vacancy loss is an even bigger cost to Landlords. Help us help your organization create the leverage you deserve to get a better than market rate for your next real estate transaction.

How do you gather market intelligence?
We are part of all local and national real estate boards including TREB, CREA, ICX, MARSH and REALTRACK. In addition, as exclusive Tenant Advisors, we have inside knowledge of specific lease expires and information on buildings which have upcoming availabilities that the general market may not be aware of.

How can I determine how much space we will require?
As part of a detailed analysis of your current and future real estate requirements, we will provide you with the exact space requirement for your organization. In addition to our own internal resources, we benchmark your square foot usage based on industry standard space calculations, square footage per person ratio’s and SIC codes.

How long will it take to complete my assignment?
All client assignments vary in complexity and the time it takes to complete them will differ depending on your specific business needs and objectives. The best option is to engage Tenant Advisors as early as possible to provide a real estate plan and customized timeline to ensure you create maximum leverage with your current or future Landlord.

What about my relationship with my current Landlord?
The vast majority of commercial Landlords in today's marketplace deal with real estate professionals on a daily basis and in most cases are expecting Tenants to work with Tenant Advisors. Also, Landlords understand it assists the negotiation process when Tenants are well informed of current market conditions. We negotiate professionally by creating a solid real estate and business case for your Tenancy.

When is the best time to start?
Being proactive is better than being reactive when dealing with an upcoming real estate transaction. As most professionals are busy running their day to day business, Real Estate can sometimes be put on the back burner which is why starting early is extremely important to get you the best result. If you are reading this now, then it's probably a good time to start.

Do you have listings of buildings for sale or lease (past or present)?
We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace, as Tenant-only Advisors. Since our inception, we have always represented the user of corporate space and have never taken a listing on behalf of either a Landlord or a developer in order to protect our clients from the inherent conflict of interest when representing both sides of a real estate transaction. Our loyalty is 100% on your side.

What if I don’t want to move?
Over 70% of our clients remain in their current location and renegotiate their leases or purchase their buildings prior to the natural expiry of their lease. Our process is geared towards getting you the best possible result whether you stay or relocate.

How much does it cost?
In Canada, all real estate fees (including a “co-operating broker” leasing commission) are typically paid for by Landlords. In most cases, real estate fees are already incorporated in into your current rent so why pay for a service you don’t utilize? In summary, we capture our fee from the Landlords leasing agent upon successful completion of your transaction.